DJ SWORDS is just a simple dude who thinks you’re cool and that you deserve a cool wedding. If you’re in the market for a DJ who can provide your special day with the right amount of indie rock rad-assness, look no further.

We combine club-quality mixing with extensive experience and excellent customer service. With DJ SWORDS you get professional service, equipment, and security- only without the sparkly vests and corny jokes!

You deserve better than some loser playing cheesy tunes and annoying your guests. Let DJ SWORDS Productions take your wedding up a notch. You’ll make your friends totally jealous.

We’re taking bookings in San Francisco, CA and Austin, TX so what are ya waitin’ for?!?

Check us out, we’re a Featured Vendor on Offbeat Bride!


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One Response to Ahoy!

  1. Kellie Tabor says:

    Hi. As I often do, I’m sitting on the deck outside of the Parlor Hyde Park chillen with a beer. Fortunately, a couple of weeks ago, some friends and I were randomly sitting across from you when you offered up a free CD. When I asked what kind of music it was, you shyly stated it was RAP and that we probably wouldn’t like it but you thought the CD was re-writable and we would be able to put something on there that we “do” like. (kinda funny at the time) However…………..
    Let me tell you Mr. Noah, you should not sell yourself short! I started listening to the CD in my car the next day and have not been able to take it out of the player. It is so fucking hilarious and really cool! It is some of the best Austin Rap/Hip Hop shit I have heard in a while! Where can I get my hands on some more–do you have more? If not please make some!
    Also, when bragging about your CD to a friend Alfred, he says that you live next door to him. Not sure how well you know him but you should come up and have a beer with us at the Parlor sometime and then invite me to come listen to you “make some beats” at your house!!:) (and no I am totally not hitting on you…its all about the music)
    Anyway, your card was in the case so I felt I MUST let you know how musically happy your CD has made me the last couple of weeks.
    You Rock!

    Miss Taborlicious

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